Addiction treatment can come with hefty costs, but it is highly possible to have those costs covered by insurance, giving you more time doing what you should be doing: finding the right treatment program. Some of the most common types of insurance that can cover addiction treatment include Group Insurance Plans, Private Insurance Plans, and Public Insurance Plans.

Group Insurance tends to come from an employer or organization. It depends a lot on how many people exist in a business, but the more people that an organization has, the higher the chance that the organization’s health benefits will include more services, including addiction treatment. But since there’s been a shift in guidelines and attention towards mental health, there is a high chance that your plan will include addiction treatment as part of your coverage.

Private Insurance plans are ones that generally are purchased by you. While they tend to have high out-of-pocket premiums, you may notice that these have the greatest flexibility and choice in what kind of coverage you can get. This flexibility comes with your ability to choose your type of coverage.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans are quite particular as they are the ones that tend to want you to seek care providers within their network (or you’ll pay more for going out of network). PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans are like HMO plans in that they like it when you go to doctors and find treatments within their network, however, you might be able to find better coverage in certain treatments.

Also, PPOs may still give you some discount, even if you go out of network. Point of Service Plans are the most flexible when it comes to addiction treatments because it allows you to choose between HMO and PPO services.

Public Insurance Plans are plans such as Medicaid or Medicare. So long as you meet the eligibility requirements and qualify, you can find government-funded treatment services that can help.