Our goal is ultimately to lead all recovering addicts back to a clean life, free from the pains and troubles that drugs brought into our worlds in the first place. By supporting each other and helping each other to a life of complete abstinence from drugs, we can return to a happy, productive life and find joy and fulfillment in different, better ways.

We achieve this by following the twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, as well as the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous. With these two sets of principles and dedications, we ready ourselves to embrace a clean and better life as well as engage with a higher power that will help us maintain that better life for many years to come.

And in the process, we can help all others who have suffered from drug abuse and addiction to come and see that there is a solution to their troubles with drugs. By supporting every new member that join to us, we not only promote strength through unity, but we can continue to help others who are still suffering out there to see that they too can find recovery and peace.