“With the help of my fellows at NA, I was able to get the support I needed to motivate myself to make my way to recovery. I’ve been attending these meetings, but also have found a few hobbies outside to motivate me further to stay away from drugs.”

“After attending meetings for a couple of months, I decided it was time to find an active treatment program so that I could more aggressively fight back addiction. I wanted to get better, NA helped me learn how to motivate myself to actually do it.”

“For years I had been going down the wrong path. I had lost friends and almost lost all contact with my family. After attending NA meetings and seeking treatment, I’ve finally been reconnecting with my family, some old friends, and have made some great new ones. Life is returning to normal.”

“It’s terrifying how hard it is to fight addiction, it nags at you, eats at you, your life, and everyone around you until you’re all alone, and then it threatens to consume you. NA helped me learn I was not alone, and it helped me get back to the people I loved, though I still have a way to go.”

“I was lucky to have a family that stuck by me while I was fighting my addiction, but I didn’t know how to deal with it properly. The people at NA helped me find new ways and perspectives to tackle my addiction and find new things in life that could help keep it at bay.”

“I had lost two of my best friends to drugs, and I was well on my way to joining them. But after pursuing treatment and attending NA meetings for two years, I can confidently say that I’ve found a second lease on life, and hopefully I can help others avoid the tragic fate of others I’ve known.”