Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit society of both men and women who have had significant struggles with drug problems. They are a group of addicts in the process of recovery, and it is through their regular meetings and strength of unity that they help each other as well as find the strength in themselves to remain clean.

By using a set of principles and traditions, Narcotics Anonymous’s members find guidance in how to better their daily lives as well as bolster their defenses against the many obstacles that lie ahead as they make the steps towards recovery and fight against the temptations of past addiction.

The NA only has one requirement for all newcomers, and that is the want to cease the use of drugs and to forge a better life. There are no fees to get in or dues to stay in, and there is no obligation to make pledges or promises. It is just your individual dedication and commitment to bettering yourself, and in the process, maybe even help another.

When it comes to newcomers to the NA program, it is our belief that newcomers are the most important part of the group as they are the ones that need the most support and to be shown that recovery is possible and it is real, that through strength of unity within the group are we able to bring ourselves face our internal struggles and conquer them, while helping each other conquer theirs as well.

There are no restrictions on who can join. Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with any organizations, nor are we affiliated with any religious groups, politic organizations, or law enforcement. And there is no overwatch surveillance on our groups when you are here with us, you are in a safe space. We don’t discriminate against anyone for their sexual identity, their race, their age, or whether they follow a religion or not. What’s important to us is that you desire to put a stop to using drugs.