We are the Narcotics Anonymous organization of Spokane, Washington. As a group, and by following the twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, we work to help ourselves and each other in the healing process of turning from a user to a person ready to live again. At some point in our pasts, we had thought we had found solace from our lives and their troubles in the form of drugs.

But having seen how it has harmed us as well as those around us, including dear friends and loved ones, we have come together to help each other as well as all newcomers in recovering from drug use, supporting one another in our moments of weakness, and find new strength both within and without. We encourage having a range of resources to find help, and we even provide a list of helplines that can assist you when we do not have our meetings.

Furthermore, we also encourage activities that help keep us on the right path, including things like service work. No matter who you are, you can find your support and recovery here. We are in this together.

We have 24-hour helplines as well as our website at www.sklunk.net. If you need to contact us by email, you can reach us at hello@sklunk.net.