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AG - AntiGravity


AG - AntiGravity

Takumi Endo | B 1971. Tokyo | www.inexhale.net

AG - AntiGravity is a rectangular structure that is 10m high, 40m wide and 90m long*. The AG Field that provides AntiGravity stably suspends all Objects within the field in the air.

Technical Notes :

AG Object Sensor The AG Object Sensor detects Object information such as the shape and mass of objects within the AG Field in real time.

AG Environment Sensor The AG Environment Sensor detects environmental information such as gravity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind pressure in real time and sends the values to the AG Brain.

AG Brain The AG Brain collates and analyzes information from the AG Object Sensor and the AG Environment Sensor in real time, and controls the AG Ground made up of 360,000 AG Modules based on the results and a motion prediction algorithm.

AG Ground The AG Ground made up of 360,000 AG Modules creates an AG Field by organically controlling the AG Modules according to control signals from the AG Brain.

AG Module The 360,000 AG Modules function in cooperation to send the necessary AG Force required to stably support the form and mass of an Object. The AG Force sent extends in a perpendicular direction, and the AG Force required to stop the center of gravity of the Object, and a slightly stronger force is applied to the area surrounding the shape to sustain the Object. AG Modules also autonomously follow strenuous movement such as running and throwing Frisbees** through the use of the AG Brain’s motion prediction algorithms.

AG Force The AG Force sent by the AG Modules is made up of air compressed to a high density using AG Air Compress Technology and an encompassing ultrasound barrier. Because of this, the Object is exposed to the AG Force without being affected by the environment and as the AG Module output nozzle and the ultrasound barrier have a friction coefficient infinitely close to zero, output noise is always kept below an audible level.

* “1:4:9” is the same shape as the “Monolith” that appears in Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001 : A Space Odyssey” and is the square of the first three integers (1,2,3).

** The physical laws dictating objects such as Frisbees are outside the range of control of the AG Force based on statistical data supported by the AG Brain, and the motion of such objects is not hindered.