Narcotics Anonymous organization of Spokane, Washington

We have 24-hour helplines as well as our website at If you need to contact us by email, you can reach us at

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How Can We Help

We are the Narcotics Anonymous organization of Spokane, Washington. As a group, and by following the twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, we work to help ourselves and each other in the healing process of turning from a user to a person ready to live again.

Better Life Waiting For You

Our goal is ultimately to lead all recovering addicts back to a clean life, free from the pains and troubles that drugs brought into our worlds in the first place. By supporting each other and helping each other to a life of complete abstinence from drugs, we can return to a happy, productive life and find joy and fulfillment in different, better ways.

Am I An Addict?

In the simplest of definitions, an addict is a person, man or woman, who is having their life controlled and dictated by drugs and drug abuse. You might notice that you find the need to take a drug, even after it’s no longer needed in order to help with a problem regarding your health.

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