To maintain how Narcotics Anonymous works as well as how it effectively helps others, we follow a set of principles that we call the Traditions. They are designed to help keep our group together and encourage all to help each other as well as welcome newcomers in so that they too may find their inner peace and be free from drugs.

Some of our Traditions include that the only requirement we have is that the member or newcomer wishes to stop using drugs. That every group, no matter where they are in the nation, seeks to spread the good and help to every drug addict that is still suffering and has not been welcomed.

The NA’s groups will never finance or endorse the name of the NA to any outside organization so that the mission of the NA and its integrity is never compromised. And our public relations policy is to attract our newcomers, not to use promotion.

This is because we will always maintain personal anonymity, for ourselves, and for the newcomers that come seeking support and help. Anonymity is the foundation of our Traditions, it is about following our principles first and foremost, not about the personalities within our group. It is not about who you are, but what you’ve come to us for—freedom from drug addiction, a chance at a better, clean life.