When it comes to battling addictions, NA meetings may just be the most critical, supportive, and effective methods of all. These meetings allow one to be open about their journey without having to expose their personal information, and people feel relaxed, supported, and more motivated to fight positively against their addictions. Let’s talk about the types of NA meetings.

Types of NA Meetings

There are several types of NA meetings, and all of them have proven quite effective for the addicts. However, you need to understand the different available formats for the recovery meetings before choosing one for yourself. Let’s take a look.

Open NA Meetings

In this type of NA meeting format, the family members, friends, and other relatives of the patient are allowed to be present during the gathering. However, only the regular attendants are allowed to participate so that everyone else does not feel pressured during open NA meetings.

Closed NA Meetings

In these types of NA meetings, only the people suffering from addictions are allowed to participate, attend, and be an active member of the gathering. During these meetings, people feel comfortable, relaxed, and do not have to worry about embarrassment due to personal sharing. These meetings are quite private.

Specific Group Gatherings

In Specific Narcotics Anonymous group meetings, the meetings allow only a particular group of addicts to participate. In these NA group meetings, only one group of people, such as women, LGBTQ+, men, etc., are allowed to gather and share their experiences. These meetings offer a chance of sharing everything with likeminded people from your specific and preferred group.

Discussion Meetings

During these NA meetings, a topic is discussed, which is quite relevant to the recovery of patients. These meetings are more about the top at hand, rather than the substance abuse itself.

Speaker Meetings

In speaker NA meetings, a former drug addict who has successfully revered talks about their own personal journey and inspires the rest of the group to take the necessary steps in their individual ways to recovery.

Big Book Study

One of the most famous and the most helpful books about quitting drug addictions and recovering from such afflictions is The Big Book by Bill W. In this NA meeting format, the participants read The Big Book of NA and focus on how to incorporate the helpful tips from the book into their actual lives.

12-Step Study

In these types of NA meetings, the group gathers to discuss the most effective 12 steps of a successful recovery. In the meetings, the participant either discuss several or just one of the steps and try to exercise it during the session. These exercises and steps range from physical to spiritual ones.

Self-discovery and a successful recovery are the underlying goals among all the modern NA meeting formats. You have to choose the one you feel more comfortable with and then stick to the program until you finally rid yourself of addictions.